Will Wen Help My Hair Grow

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i may sound stupid to you but it really works for hair grow fast and healthy my uncle is pranic healing he is from singapore he told me to rub your nails together for 5 or 10 minutes anytime a day it will not even help to grow hair fast but it will also make them healthy, i hope these help my hair i wan to grow it out a lot longer reply angela says 2 years ago have struggled for long with bald patches on front i will try on the remedies to see if they work of which i will be so grateful of the tips reply gale says 2 years ago commentthanks i will try it remedies my hair is not growing at all and the edges too are gone cant even feel proud

i tryed wen and it did make my hair look good but it started thinning my hair alot my hair was never real thick but was nice now i can not wear my hair down because it is so thin you can see right through it to my ead, these are the only brush and comb i use on my hair they will help grow your hair fast use a hair pick to gently remove tangles start from your ends and slowly work your way up, the new hair on my crown isnt the same texture as the rest of my hair but it has grown to the same length wen tea tree i stopped using rogaine at my hairline and in the front where it was thinning just above my forehead

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