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what is a texturizer for black hair inspiration ideas at nabion.org.all new hair see and hairstyle idea for this year from, regardless of whether it is increasing your preparing diversion, a restyle or an every out style change. find the latest about what is a texturizer for black hair to perfect your appearance.the texturizer is applied to curly or kinky hair for a brief amount of time in an effort to relax or loosen the curl slightly instead of completely straightening it the texturizer process texturizers permanently change the structure of hair, the texturizer loosens the natural curl pattern of an individuals hair without completely straightening it loosening the curl allows for more manipulation and in many cases more manageability texturizers are ideal for someone who wants to retain natural curls but with a softer looser pattern both men and women use texturizers and the process is recommended for use on short to medium length hair, the difference between the relaxers and texturizers that are commonly used on black hair can be confusing they are both chemical processes that will permanently alter your hair and relaxer formulas can be used to get the same results as a texturizer the difference is in the time involved and the final results, why women are choosing to texturize youve always worn your hair natural so making any kind of change will take some courage your stylist suggested a hair texturizer or relaxer and now you have questions

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hair texturizer is a product designed to loosen curls for people with naturally curly hair it is a processing cream that is placed on the hair for a short period of time and results in looser curls it is a shorter process than relaxing in which the curl is completely removed, the best natural relaxer is here ive searched high and low read tons of reviews the pros cons just to find you the best texturizer for natural hair

texturizer for black hair helps to loosen up those tight curls giving a person more manageable hair read on to know more about this products, naturallaxer mix is an honesttogoodness 100 chemicalfree organic and natural hair relaxer not straightener but relaxer it is very gentle on your luscious locks and doesnt permanently change the structure of your hair like other natural texturizers that are laced with chemicals, texturizers for natural hair texturizer falls somewhere between products that sort of support curly hair types and those that try to break down the natural curl pattern, what is a texturizer for natural hair is one question that people end up asking all the time not sure how different it is from a relaxer well a texturizer is a mild relaxer that loosens natural curls patterns unlike a relaxer which straightens curl patterns out completely

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