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2 ukraine is the largest country in europe at 233013 square miles ukraine is 2000 square miles larger than mainland france 50000 square miles larger than spain and 200000 square miles larger than germany, citation needed the traditional cossack bulawa serves as a symbol of the ukrainian presidency and the island of the khortytsia the origin and center of the zaporozhian sich has been restored since the dissolution of the soviet union in 1991 many quantify have begun seeing russian cossacks as defenders of russian sovereignty

all nation in cossacks has a unique gameplay for example sweden has unique pikemen 18 century very fast recruitment but too weak in melee good for artillery wars and also sweden has half cost of the 18 upgrade, cossacks is a macro game and best played with normal settings the player that wins is the one that can do the most with his economy the player that wins is the one that can do the most with his economy, saint sophia cathedral is an architectural monument in kiev the capital of ukraine one of the citys most popular landmarks the saint sophia cathedral was the first ukrainian site to be included in the world heritage list together with the kiev cave monastery complex, the cossack hetmanate ukrainian Гетьманщина hetmanščyna officially known as the zaporizhian host Військо Запорозьке vijśko zaporoźke latin exercitus zaporoviensis was a ukrainian cossack host in central ukraine between 1649 and 1764 some sources claim until 1782