Straight Hair Is Dominant To Curly

straight hair is dominant to curly inspiration ideas at other hair look and hairstyle idea for this year from, regardless of whether it is increasing your preparing diversion, a restyle or an all out style change. find the latest very nearly straight hair is dominant to curly to perfect your appearance.curly hair and straight hair have incomplete dominance if a person with curly hair marries a person with straight hair their kids would have wavy hair, there are two versions of the hair type gene curly c and straight s hair type is an interesting case of something called incomplete dominance what this means is that with hair type if you have one of each version of the gene you get a mix of the two or wavy hair so for hair type cc gives curly cs gives wavy and ss gives straight hair, curly hair is recessive and straight hair is dominant a woman with curly hair marries a man who is homozygous dominant for straight hair what are the outcomes for their children, cc will give curly hair but cs will give wavy hair since c is incompletely dominant the phenotype or what you see will be in between curly and straight so most likely your mothers genes are cs and your fathers ss this would account for the distribution in your siblings as one would expect statistically that there would be 3 cs and 1 ss of course that means that your mothers hair is closer to wavy than curly

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whats the chances of curly or straight hair my husband and his family have waves to tight curls he has curly hair when he grows it out and when he was a baby too, best answer not sure what your question is but i hope this helps straight haircc curlycc dominant genotypecc the child would have curly hair

this means two things 1 if a person carries one allele for curly hair and another for straight hair this person will have curly hair 2 curly hair is a simple trait and is most likely determined by one single gene however a single gene has yet to be found to be solely responsible for the curly or straight hair trait in caucasians, in the past geneticists believed that curly hair was a dominant gene and straight hair a recessive one now they are saying that hair texture is inherited through a more complex mingling of genes called incomplete dominance, in terms of hair type by the traditional sorts of theories that are out there it isnt possible for a curly headed and a straight haired couple to have straight haired kids or by a strict definition curly haired kids either of course genetics is always more complex than the traditional sorts of theories, curly hair h is dominant over the allele for straight hair h two parents have curly hair but are heterozygous for the hair trait draw the punnet square for their offspring

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