Low Porosity Natural Hair Regimen

low porosity natural hair regimen inspiration ideas at nabion.org.every extra hair see and hairstyle idea for this year from, regardless of whether it is increasing your preparing diversion, a restyle or an every out style change. locate the latest not quite low porosity natural hair regimen to absolute your appearance.3 shampoo low porosity natural hair properly low porosity natural hair regimen should include use of a clarifying shampoo using the best natural hair growth products for black hair and type 4 hair is essential, hair has low porosity when the cuticle layer of the hair is tightly packed and flat think of it like singles on a roof the cuticle like shingles are tightly nested together to protect the roof, as a low porosity natural product application can be a very long and arduous task the foaming of products the little white balls of product and literally having the product slide off of your hair and into the sink can quickly get annoying and layering is something one can only dream of, hair porosity is the term for the hairs ability to absorb moisture styling products or chemical treatments there are three degrees of hair porosity high medium normal and low

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this explains it well but im still confused as to what hair porosity i have is it possible to have both low and high my hair is relaxed and the part thats grown out up to about my ears is extremely dry and frizzy, hi luvs in todays post i will be sharing the ingredients benefits a demo and my results of doing the cherry lola caramel treatment on my type 4 low porosity hair

struggling with moisturizing your natural could mean you have low porosity hair here is a great hair care routine for low porosity hair, low porosity hair ladies read on to find out the best hair products for low porosity hair that you can add to your hair care regimen for the best results, ideal products for different kinds of hair porosity types, hair regimen type curly type 3b 3c favorite style wash and go big loosely defined curls 2nd day curls favorite protective style two strand twists coconut oil or olive oil qp elasta olive

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