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hair algae hydrogen peroxide inspiration ideas at extra hair look and hairstyle idea for this year from, regardless of whether it is increasing your preparing diversion, a restyle or an every out style change. locate the latest virtually hair algae hydrogen peroxide to absolute your appearance.category pets animals song are you ready now artist beef album last rudies livethe singles licensed to youtube by merlin pias on behalf of pias digital benelux abramus digital , hydrogen peroxide helps keep algae at bay without contaminating your water once in contact with water it just breaks down into its original constituents water and oxygen, fighting the algae with hydrogen peroxide Ι by george j reclos algae is a very common problem in almost every tank especially planted ones, i tried to starve out algae for 12 months and as soon as nutrients were allowed to raise even a little the algae would retun the peroxide knocks it right out allowing you to go back to normal feeding and low levels vs 00 levels of n and p dont knock it until you have an algae problem that doesnt respond to proper housekeeping techniques

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hydrogen peroxide update by august eppler augieebellsouthnet date sun 20 sep 1998 to paul krombholz krombholteclinknet hydrogen peroxide was 3 standard drug store stuff, im considering doing spot treatment with hydrogen peroxide on the hair algae on my frags not doing a dip for the entire frag my frags affected are 2 favias bubble coral 2 acans my frags affected are 2 favias bubble coral 2 acans

apply hydrogen peroxide to the algae i like to use a paint brush that is almost dripping alternatively you could use an eye dropper or cue tip to apply the h202 the most important thing is to not allow hydrogen peroxide to contact any corals or life that is not algae try not to let it drip in to areas of the rock that dont need peroxide if you do you may notice critters like bristle worms come fleeing out of your rock as they are being burned alive, thanks for your quick reply apparently what you mentioned is one way to treat for black hair algae there is another method and that is directly adding 3ml of 3 hydrogen peroxide per gal of water, it was not to long ago brought to our attention on the board here that hydrogen peroxide can be used safely and effectively for a partial fix to algae outbreaks, use of hydrogen peroxide to get rid of algae please bear with me while i tell my tale of woe recently from the beginning of january to the middle of february i have been preoccupied with real life issues as a result i was leaving the house at about 8am each day and not returning until at least 12 hours later

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