Does Dying Your Hair Cause More Grey Hairs

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in the natural situation all the hair changes colour a little as you age blond will go darker brown will go more mousey so the early grey hairs dont show up as much with dyed hair especially a strong colour the grey roots are going to stick out like neon lights, whether your first gray hairs pop up during your late teens or appear once youve reached your 50s the experience can be quite nerveracking you start to question whether you should cover it up or wear it proudly even though more women than ever are ditching hair dye to embrace their silver locks

i started dying my hair at 26dyed it for 45 yearsdont have as many grey hairs as others my ageam almost 75 now and still have some colour mixed in with the grey dont think dying will cause more grey hairsand will make you look younger, your hair doesnt turn gray it grows that way a single hair grows for one to three years then you shed it and grow a new one as you age your new hairs are more likely to be white, best answer nodying your hair will not cause more gray hair gray hair is most often hereditary and usually caused by the natural aging process but since you are so young i can understand why you would want to cover them up but if you are going to get them your going to get them dying wont , yes it is perfectly normal to lose a few hairs everyday however if your hairs are falling off more than what is normal then find out the cause and seek a remedy

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