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black hair type chart inspiration ideas at supplementary hair look and hairstyle idea for this year from, regardless of whether it is increasing your preparing diversion, a restyle or an every out style change. find the latest practically black hair type chart to perfect your appearance.your edges may be 4b while the majority of your hair is 4a type or you may have 4a hair with some 3c strands for example remember no two heads of hair are alike hair type systems are good for learning about your hair or what could potentially be best for it but they are by no means an absolute standard use it as guidance and always go by what you know works best for your hair, type 3 hair is curly hair if you pull a strand of a type 3 curly you will notice it has a definite s shape granted the s may be a lower case s or upper case s or it may even resemble a z on some occasionshowever there is a definite curl pattern in place with our without products, one of the most widely used hair classification systems or hair typing chart was created by oprah winfreys hair stylist andre walker known as the andre walker hair classification system he talks about his system in his book andre talks hair his system is the original the one we still refer to classify hair textures see the hair type chart below, the only hair type chart that matters fine hair combination hair coarse hair seal with light oils like coconut seal with medium coating oils like extra virgin olive oil seal with heavy coating butters like shea butter hard protein treatments periodically plus light protein and moisture conditioners light protein and moisture conditioners hard protein treatments when necessary

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here are a bunch of hair typing charts that you can use to help you determine what your hair type is click on the picture to enlarge and read details click on the picture to enlarge and read details, type 2 hair is classified as hair that is naturally wavy and forms an s shape type 2 hair is not as oily as type 1 hair due to the texture pattern of the individual hair strand but type 2 hair isnt dry eitherwithin the type 2 category there are type 2a type 2b and type 2c hair categories

black hair type chart the best methods to determine your hair type texture with 40 files, the best methods to determine your hair type texture explains the various hair types and textures and how to determine which one you have naturally, hair type and porosity level are critically important factors in determining ones hair care if you dont know your hairs porosity level you wont be able to make the best product and , our hair type system modeled after celebrity stylist andre walkers definitions of hair types details the different hair types found within the broader curly hair description our goal here is to help clear up any confusion so you can not only understand your hair type but find the best products that work for your unique hair type and embrace it

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